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carpet cleaning colorado springsExperts agree, that having clean carpet, upholstery, and grout are necessary to maintaining a healthy living or working environment.
Studies show that carpets, furniture, and grout trap not only dirt, but allergens, skin particles, and dust mites. A high powered truck mounted cleaning system is our best prescription.

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Many of our customers call us to finish what other carpet cleaning companies can't handle. Our prices are competitive and affordable, so save money and call us out first.

How About Upholstery Cleaning?

upholstery cleaning colorado springsEven the cleanest homeowners overlook upholstery as a collector of harmful elements. Dirt and bacteria can hide in the deepest fiber of the fabric.

Here are a few benefits to
routine colorado springs upholstery cleaning:

  • Prevents growth of bacteria
  • Helps eliminate allergens
  • Improves air quality

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Most other carpet cleaners are untrained and uncertified. They will leave behind harmful chemicals in your carpet that will get on you, your kids and your pets. Don't risk your health! We offer top-of-the-line service at competitive pricing with professionally trained and certified cleaners that will get the job done correctly and safely.

Tile and Grout Cleaning too!

tile & grout cleaning Dirty grout encourages a less-than-healthy effect if not cleaned properly.  Harmful microbes, dirt, grease, stains, and mold can accumulate in it, resulting in foul odors and deteriorating indoor air quality.

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Customer Testimonial
"I first called out Coit to clean the carpet in my downstairs family area but was completely unsatisfied with the results. My carpet looked clean, but the smell was horrible... I couldn't even go down there. Mark from Carpet MD came out and made everything right. Thank you! - Palyn Peterson, Colorado Springs (719) 964-2724"


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