Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

INTRO: Most carpets end up with oily and sticky residues that attract and hold dirt in the carpet, resulting in a dingy-looking carpet.  Sadly, sometimes regular carpet cleaning detergents, improperly applied and  extracted, can attract the dirt that they are trying to alleviate. Not so with encapsulation!

Who uses encapsulated Carpet Cleaning?

Encapsulated Carpet Cleaning is typically used for commercial properties, though some homeowners request it. Encapsulated carpet cleaning is often utilized in quarterly rotation with the traditional truck mounted steam cleaning method used one in four times. 

Encapsulation cleaning really works well!  For example, use it  at assisted living facilities, carpeted gyms, restaurants, high-rise buildings, and yes, even in homes.

How does it work?

Encapsulation technology uses chemistry to help keep carpet clean longer.

1.  Application and Agitation: So the first step agitate the carpet with a chemical encapsulator which surrounds the oily and sticky soil particles and crystallizes them so they can't attract more soil.

2. Vacuum: Once the particles are crystallized, they're easily vacuumed up from the carpet fibers. The dirt-attracting residue normally left in the carpet is now gone so the carpet stay clean longer.

Encapsulation Cleaning Works Wonders!

Cimex machine

Ideal for commercial carpet maintenance and deep penetrating cleaning. The encapsulation chemical surrounds and dries to a crystallized state. No rinsing is required. This process reduces wicking and recurring stains. It is safe for all types of synthetic carpet fiber. Once dry, its non-sticky residue will not attract other soil. Carpets stay clean longer than traditional cleaning methods.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning produces unmatched results on commercial carpet. The carpet resists resoiling and the overall appearance is improved.

Encapsulation is considered, in the carpet cleaning industry, to be an ideal low moisture method for interim carpet maintenance.

Carpets maintained with a good crystallizing encapsulation system provide optimum appearance and extend the useful life of the carpet.


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